About Doppler.

Doppler was a project started by Maplefield (a company founded by me). It was supposed to be a video sharing site to help aid the dying (at the time) alternative video sharing site community. Unfortunately, the project was canceled, and Maplefield has been dead since then.

Where it all started.

It all started after the shutdown of VidBitFuture, a video sharing site created by AM and JP. The site was supposed to be a site like VidBit, but ended up being a remix of vShare. It's a long story. But, anyways, after the shutdown, The alternative video sharing Site community was crumbling. There were no alternative video sharing sites that were good enough to use. Wenoo is dead, Vidme is terrible, and VidBit (at the time) was shut down. Many people quit the community because of this. Including me, geekyTV.

Shortly after this, a new project called NeoVid was created. It was supposed to be a video sharing site made to look like the old YouTube layout from 2008-2009. The people working on it were AM, JP, v0xul (now slackologist), and RedExec. In fact, during NeoVid's lifespan, Maplefield was in development of a live subcount for NeoVid. But unfortunately, the project shut down because nothing was done. Thus, the NeoVid Live Subcount was cancelled. Read v0xul's story about NeoVid.

Many Video Sharing Site projects started appearing, like Base64 by RedExec and v0xul, VidLeaf by plainoldbread, PreVid by Allanbuzzy, and then Flow by AM and JP. All of these either became something different, failed, or never went off the drawing board (from my knowledge).

Doppler: The beginning.

After the cancellation of NeoVid, I had an idea to make a video sharing site to aid the dying community. The site was going to be called doppler. It started when invited a couple people to a secret Discord server, which were two3, pivot2parodies, AM, and KnotSnappy.

Doppler: The Development and Advertising Period.

During Development, I had done the design of the homepage. I didn't do the PHP and MySQL part of it, because I didn't know how to do it. So, I hired AM to do it. KnotSnappy was once part of staff who offered a very early upload system. But, he ended up quitting. While development, I also started marketing doppler with a marketing strategy, in which I would make it a mystery, then I'll make it more obvious that the site existed. I made a couple ads of it, and I posted one on twitter, unfortunately the feedback was negative. (Click here to see the response to the ad.) Development continued until, the downward spiral...

Doppler: The Downward Spiral and Cancellation

It started going downhill when VidBit relaunched. I felt threatened by the relaunch since I thought no one would care about doppler when VidBit came back. Now remember this, VidBit was a big, big site back in June-October 2016. So, the fact that VidBit was back threatened me. Plus not only that, the cost of running a video sharing site is astronomical, and since I cant afford good servers, and since I don't have knowledge on how to overall run a site like this, I eventually shut down the project.

Present day.

After the cancellation, Maplefield has not announced any new projects since, and is currently shut down. The doppler discord server has been deleted, the advertisement for doppler has been deleted (but I still saved them and will soon will be able to be viewed in the geekyweirdguy.host gallery), I made a joke version of doppler, and, I ended up signing up for VidBit, (now VidLii). I absolutely love the site, and I encourage other people to try it out. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading this. This is geekyTV, signing out.

Click here to go to an unfinished developer copy of doppler.

Click here to go to the joke version of doppler.